Have you been flying to Krakow for business, family or other matters? Do you want to deal with your business quickly and comfortably? Or maybe you want to avoid unreliable public transport and decide when and where you want to get? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then we have something special for you – car rental Krakow Balice!

We know how to make your trip more pleasant. – Car rental – Krakow airport.

There is no doubt that the fastest way to get to Krakow airport is by car. Often, when the deadlines are catching up with us and we need to do our business as quickly as possible, we need reliable solutions. They certainly include car rental in car rentals. Krakow and the airport , which is located 11 km away, are very attractive places in terms of business and tourism. It is no wonder that they are extremely popular, both among entrepreneurs and tourists. If you want your trip to Grod Kraka to be successful, trust ComfortRent.

Krakow is undoubtedly one of the most attractive Polish tourist cities. Sukiennice, Wawel, the Old Town and many other interesting places makes it a very common destination for tourist trips. It turns out that not only our countrymen, but also guests from abroad very often decide to use our menu item: “ car rental – Krakow Balice” .

Vehicle rental is becoming common and popular. It’s hardly surprising, comfort and mobility are simply priceless. Also people traveling to Grodzka Kraka for business purposes can take advantage of our offer. We have cars ideal for efficient movement around the city and larger cars for covering longer routes. You can get to know the exact conditions and the rental price in 5 minutes! Just select the model you are interested in and fill out the form on the vehicle card.

wypożyczalnia samochodów kraków

Car rental – Krakow Balice. Everyone will find something for themselves

Whether you are an entrepreneur, specialist, sales representative, tourist, or a person who is traveling to Krakow for another purpose, our Krakow Balice car rental offer certainly includes a solution to meet your needs. The possibility of renting medium and long term can be very profitable in cases when you need a car for longer. Short renting is limited to a minimum of formalities and is extremely simple. Decide for yourself the car rental terms and price, select the insurance level and additional equipment.

Call us and find out more!

If you have decided to rent a car, let me know by filling out a simple rental form or call us. We live in an age where we increasingly use solutions such as car rental. Krakow Balice is one of the places where a car can make travel much easier. After all, Krakow airport is one of the largest in Poland (second in terms of number of flights and size) and lies on the main communication routes in Europe. We encourage you to use the Krakow Balice car rental and guarantee yourself a clever and comfortable journey. See you there!

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