Poznań is a city that attracts a huge number of tourists, entrepreneurs and various types of specialists. They come to admire the beauty of the capital of the Wielkopolska Province, or take advantage of the opportunity offered by investments and numerous projects. All these people share one feature – they care about comfortable and fast getting around the city. That is why we decided to create our car rental company. Poznań and the city airport are several kilometers apart, which in itself may already be a problem. Of course, you can rely on public transport or taxis, but these are often either crowded or simply expensive. Car rental – Ławica airport is a solution for people who value smart travel.

Car rental – Ławica airport

Port lotniczy Ławica to jeden z najstarszych tego typu ośrodków w Polsce. Położone zaledwie 7 kilometrów od miasta lotnisko przyjmuje rocznie ogromną liczbę pasażerów, która sprawia, że zalicza się ono do grona najpopularniejszych w Polsce. Poznańskie lotnisko zostało nazwane na cześć niezwykle utalentowanego skrzypka, pedagoga oraz kompozytora Henryka Wieniawskiego.

It is worth knowing that our car rental – Ławica airport is prepared for all types of travelers. From tourists who care about a smart city car to entrepreneurs who want to choose more elegant vehicles. You can even rent a van – just call or visit our website! Let us remember that the capital of Wielkopolska is a large city, in which communication problems are a common problem. The mentioned public transport can be troublesome, especially during sightseeing during the holiday season. Car rental – Poznan airport is a way to get a good trip from arrival to departure! We cordially invite all visitors to Poznań – see you!

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