Comfortrent  – Long-term car rental

Comfortrent car rental offers long-term car rental , i.e. car rental for up to 24 months. This service is primarily addressed to companies that need to acquire a fleet to implement longer, but time-limited seasonal projects or tasks, and for some reason they do not want or cannot buy it. Long-term car rental will enable any company to easily and comfortably deal with the problem of transport if such a vehicle is needed for a long time.
It is an innovative solution on the car rental market that responds to the needs of tenants – it will certainly be easier in many situations than buying vehicles. Let the problem of transport and fleet never get in the way of achieving specific goals in your company!

Long-term car rental - price list

In the case of the long-term car rental offer, the price list is individually calculated and agreed with customers so that it is the most advantageous solution that will meet their expectations. The rental price includes operating costs, insurance and seasonal tire replacement – all so that long-term car rental is really the easiest and hassle-free solution for your business. We focus on the complexity of the service and its flexibility – you have constant control over the rental time, fleet size and set mileage limit. If you decide to long-term car rental, the price list will not be your concern – we provide easy planning and budgeting, which includes fixed monthly rental and management fees, avoiding unexpected costs or exceeding the budget.

Long-term car rental - what do I get?

By choosing the service long-term car rental , you can enjoy reduced fleet costs and comprehensive service. We guarantee that costs will be kept constant thanks to budget control and fleet service quality. After the end of the contract, you don’t have to worry about the value of the vehicle, as in the case of its purchase and subsequent desire to sell – the owner of the fleet is Comanche Marcin Komaniecki, who is responsible for their sale after the end of the contract. The fleet does not burden the company’s balance sheet as vehicles bought on credit. You can spend your budget on other investments that enable your business to grow. If you are interested in long-term car rental contact us – we will gladly answer all your questions.
Or maybe you’re interested medium-term car rental?

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Car rental - long term. The perfect solution for everyone!

Both business travelers or those who need an independent fleet or a private individual will find something for themselves at ComfortRent. Long-term car rental includes all our cars, so small ones, larger ones capable of covering longer distances, and even “delivery trucks” – we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list of vehicles we offer!

Allow yourself a smart and comfortable solution. Long-term car rental will allow you to get used to the used car, stabilize your situation and make sure that you can achieve all previously set goals. If you have decided that this way of traveling is what you need, use the form above or call the customer service department. Professional help guaranteed. Remember that we often decide to introduce discounts and promotional campaigns, which makes long-term car rental even more pleasant! It is worth visiting us – see you soon!

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