Comfortrent  – Medium-term car rental

Comfortrent car rental offers medium-term car rental that will allow you to deal with the problem of transport quickly, easily and comfortably if you need it for a period of 1 to 23 months. This service is most often used by companies whose specificity of operations requires acquiring a fleet of cars to implement time-limited projects or seasonal tasks – this is a much easier solution than buying cars for such a short period. The problem of transport can not stand in our way to achieve specific goals – car rental will certainly solve this problem and facilitate the functioning of your company when you need to obtain vehicles. This service is recommended to all companies that expect freedom in shaping the duration of the lease. This is an innovative solution on the car rental market that responds to the needs of tenants.


Medium-term car rental - convenience and comfort for you

It is obvious that the easiest and most convenient means of transport is the car, which deprives you of all restrictions, problems and worries. This applies to both personal transport and possible transport of various items. Medium-term car rental will guarantee you independence, convenience and security, while at the same time offering a much better rental price than short-term rental. It provides flexibility – if during the rental period you need to extend it, we can expect the evolution of the rental price to long-term rental rates, which will be the best solution for you and your company. Medium-term car rental is the same standard of service as for the long-term offer. The biggest advantage of this service is the ease and speed of obtaining the vehicle – we guarantee a minimum amount of formalities and a large offer of available cars. All this to make car rental for your business easy and hassle-free. So if you need to get a car quickly for a period of 1 to 11 months and you don’t want to buy a vehicle, medium-term car rental is the perfect solution for you.

Car rental   – medium term

Car rental at Comfortrent is a guarantee of new cars with a low rental price. By choosing the service ‘ medium-term car rental ‘, you can expect quick delivery (even within a few hours of ordering) and flexibility of the offer, including shaping the size of the fleet, individually calculated price and free shaping the mileage limit and time . Renting a car for more than a month has never been easier! Take advantage of the ‘medium-term car rental’ offer and achieve your goals without any problems!

Or are you interested in a longer rental period?


Car rental – medium term

All of you who think that medium-term car rental is the answer to their unique needs, please contact us or complete the form above. As a result, you will become a “owner” of the car for more than thirty-one days. This is the right time to perform the tasks set before you and enjoy a comfortable journey.

In our medium-term car rental offer, you’ll find cars designed for the city, long distances, and even vans! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our fleet and choose the right solution. Remember that you can count on numerous extras such as a roof rack, GPS navigation and even child seats.

All our cars contain amenities such as full electrics or air conditioning, and are in excellent condition. On the occasion of a 31-day rental, you can test the car and learn about its possibilities so that, who knows, maybe buy it in the future. If during the service it happens that you decide to extend the lease, please contact our office. Together, we will study your needs and choose the best option. Remember that our first priority is to make your travel quick, pleasant and stress-free.

Regardless of the purpose of the rental car, we believe that medium-term car rental will work! Don’t wait – visit us. We also encourage you to visit other items on offer, you can rent a car for much longer! It all depends on what you need. Comfort Rent invites you!

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