If you are planning a trip to Katowice, but you have a transportation problem, think about renting a car. Our car rental Katowice is a really smart and convenient solution. The vehicle will give you independence, you will not have to condemn to rigid train schedules and expensive taxis. Katowice is a large city in Gorny Slask, the main business center in this part of the country. Many companies that are located in Katowice make many investors and technologists come to the city. There are also people who come to Katowice to see popular monuments. Slask is a great place for a weekend getaway because it offers many interesting tourist spots. The easiest and most convenient way to get there is by car. If you do not own one, you can always take advantage of the offer offered by the Katowice – Comfortrent.
Convenient and fast solution: car rental – Katowice.

Comfortable and quick solution:  car rental – Katowice

Car hire Katowice is a great solution for people traveling to Slask cities. Katowice belongs to this group and you will find in them a rich offer of new cars – all thanks to the company Comfortrent. Our car rental – Katowice offert was created to meet the expectations of our customers. We offer free car replacement at the address indicated within the city. Only new cars that will allow you to ride comfortably and safely at any time of the year. Air conditioning, summer or winter tires, insurance and no signage rental – this is what the Comfortrent car looks like. So if you need a car to get around Katowice and even across Slask – come to us!

Car hire – Katowice   All you need to know!

Car hire in Katowice is a very popular and smart way to travel. It guarantees comfort, security and allows you to ignore public transport and taxis. Our car rental offer is based on unlimited car hire, which means you have no restriction and you can move to your desired places comfortably and fast. This is a really good solution!


Car rental Katowice  – Pyrzowice Airport

If you decide to visit Katowice by plane, you will fly to Katowice – Pyrzowice airport, located about 30 kilometers from the city center. Katowice – Pyrzowice Airport is a regional airport of the entire Silesia Province and is currently ranked fourth among Polish airports. It is best to rent a car from the airport and start your journey to Katowice from there. For this reason, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our car rental Katowice.

Car hire Katowice – fast, simple and convenient solution that will make your stay in the city. Welcome!

Katowice, Pyrzowice Airport

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Rent a car – Katowice is the perfect destination!

Katowice has been known for many years as one of the most important centers of industry and business in southern Poland. The city is often visited by tourists, people interested in cultural events (eg organized in Katowice Spodek), but also representatives and businessmen. Whatever your destination, renting a car – Katowice will definitely answer your needs. In our offer are small city cars, elegant vehicles for more demanding, and even transport vehicles. If you want to find out if the vehicle you are looking for is available and want to know the cost of renting it, use a simple form (you will find it when you pick a car).


Anyone who travels much knows the benefits of renting a car. Katowice is a big city, and as we know in almost every major city we can meet with problems in the efficient use of roads and public transport. Crowded buses or the need to visit several places using taxis can expose us to unnecessary costs, loss of time and nerves. Besides, a new, elegant car will always be available for business travel, while a large trunk or small city car is available for sightseeing (depending on your needs).
If you like proven and clever solutions – do not wait. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our “car rental Katowice” offer, and you will be happy to mention the visit to this city.

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