Comfortrent is a company that offers car rental in many large cities, including Krakow. Car hire is a very convenient solution for travelers who do not have their own means of transport, and care about time and comfort.

Krakow  – Car Rental

Traveling to Krakow? We got something special for you! Car rental Krakow – ComfortRent is the best way to travel through the city by the most comfortable and smart way. Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It’s important industrial area with many international investments and businesses. No wonder why more and more specialists and entrepreneurs decide to visit capital of Małopolskie region. If you also are businessman who needs a car to travel through the city you should choose car hire Krakow. Like in any other big city public transport or taxicabs can be either too expensive, unreliable or just uncomfortable. The only way to ensure yourself a fast and truly independent way of traveling is car rental. Krakow awaits – call us and travel well!


Car rental – Krakow
Why has car hire become so popular?

Car rental (Krakow is the leader in this area) is becoming increasingly popular. This is where tourists from all over Poland and the world attract. Therefore, if you are planning a trip by plane, you can easily get to the center by car rented with us. We place cars in the indicated place in Krakow , so you do not have to look for a rental company and reach there on my own. Don’t worry about kilometers traveled – this option is included in the rental price. Click car rental Krakow on your browser, select a car and go wherever you want. Sightsee, meet and meet wherever you are comfortable.

Car rental Krakow – Balice Airport

Balice Airport is an international airport located 11 kilometers from the center of Krakow. At the moment, it is the second largest airport in Poland in terms of size and number of passengers checked in. Since 1995, the Krakow Balice airport has been named John Paul II. The airport also has a great location, because it is located on important communication routes in this part of Europe. The easiest and fastest way to get to the airport is by car. If there is a way to travel quickly and easily, then it is definitely car rental. Krakow is a city where a car is simply invaluable help. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of car rental Krakow .

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Car rental Krakow – make travel a pleasure!

Not only business causes bring so many poeple to Krakow! It’s very well known tourist area, especially liked by English, Germans and other west-european poeple. Car rental in Krakow is very attractive to them because of two advantages: fast and comfortable traveling and prieces. Here in Poland we don’t have an euro currency what allows tourists to enjoy really cheap services. Prieces of car hire in Krakow will be a nice suprise! If you are interested in car rental in Krakow you should definitely contact with us at We have got plenty cars – from big to small, from city vehicles to cars more suitable to longer journeys. The choice is yours – visit Poland, visit Krakow and have a great time. See you soon!

Car hire Krakow – you can’t forget about tourists!

I think every Pole knows the tourist attractions of Kraków. We already learn the history and the most important monuments of the city in school textbooks. No wonder it attracts so many tourists, including foreign ones. If you plan to visit the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, take advantage of the opportunities offered by car rental. Krakow is a big city, and people who do not live there may have problems with public transport. It is worth taking care of convenient and fast transport, because visiting all attractions may be simply impossible (due to the time needed).

Remember – has small city cars and elegant, larger models in its fleet.

Renting in Comfort Rent is pure pleasure!

We want to give you confidence that car rental in Krakow with the help of Comfort Rent will be as easy and pleasant as possible. We limit the formalities and the number of documents to a minimum, and you can learn the rental rules and the exact price thanks to our rental form. You will find out what cars and dates are available and you will find out the exact cost of the whole rental. Remember that you can take advantage of numerous additional options, such as renting GPS navigation or child seats. The item from our offer “ car rental Krakow ” is really attractive. Call us or use the panel and see how much you can gain! Regardless of whether you are interested in renting a Krakow Balice aviator, in the city itself or in another place of your choice, Comfort Rent will be the best choice!

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